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Here re some facts about spinal cord injury. We will regularly be updating this page, and will, in the future, add some websites related to spinal cord injury. Send us your suggestions.

Did you know that...

1.  81 % of individuals with spinal cord injury are male.

2.  56% of spinal cord injuries occur between ages of 16 and 30.

3.  Most common causes of spinal cord injuries are:
    -Vehicular accidents 37%
    - Violence 28%
    - Falls 21%
    - Sports-related (mostly from diving) 6%

4. Only 52% of spinal cord injury inflected individuals are covered by private health insurance at the time of injury.

5. Average age at injury: 40. 2

6. Average length of initial hospitalization following injury: 15 days.

7. Cost of initial hospitalization: $140,000

8. Average first year expenses: $198,000

9. Percentage of individuals unemployed eight years after injury: 63%

10. Number of injuries per year: around 11,000

11. Marital status at injury:
    -single: 53%
    -married: 31%
    -divorced: 9%

12.  Most frequent types of spinal cord injury:
    -quadriplegia (incomplete): 31.2%
    -paraplegia (complete): 28.2%
    -paraplegia (incomplete): 23.1%
    -quadriplegia (complete): 17.5%

13. 85% of spinal cord injury inflected individuals are still alive 10 years later, in comparison to 98% for non-inflected persons.

14. Pneumonia, pulmonary emboli and septicemia are among the biggest causes of death for patients with SCI.

We have used databases of Model Spinal Cord Injury System Centers in the USA to gather together all these data.