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Allsport was founded by Bryan Shumock, a former All Conference Football Player at Virginia & coach at Ohio University & The Air Force Academy. Bryan also has a Master of Sports Management Degree from Ohio University.

Don't be misled by recruiting services that claim that your player profile will be seen by thousands of college coaches. You can put your player profile on every internet recruiting site in the country but if coaches are not logging on, they aren't looking at joom! It doesn't matter if the service is free.

Coaches must have a reason to come to the site!

At Allsport we solved that problem because Allsport is not just for athletes; college coaches build and update team profiles directly on Allsport also. We currently have over 4,000 individual team profiles online which you can search, print, email coaches and even link to home pages from.

A recruiting service works only if it gets used by recruiters! Allsport is the only site in the world where student athletes and college coaches build and update profiles. Come see why DI, II, III, NAIA, JC, Canadian & even European colleges from field hockey to football are utilizing Allsport for their recruit needs

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If you are not in Allsport, you're not in the game!

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