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This Page Contains Two Sections - Coaches Notes & Registration.
All registration can be done from the bottom of this page.
Free Team Profile
National Exposure to every high school athlete and coach in the country FREE! Build your team profile directly into Allsport's college database FREE and every high school student athlete & coach in the USA & Canada can follow your team, link to your home page, even email you for information; all from Allsport! This is a recruiting presence you can't do without!
Personal Control
You control what goes on your profile and update free any time you want. Don't depend on the SID, or grad assistant to keep prospects, alumni, fans updated on your teams accomplishments.
DI, DII, DIII, NAIA, JC & Canada, Europe, Mexico, S. America
Every sport, every athlete, college & university can utilize us. Allsport is International!
Search & Print Prospects
Prospects are listed by sport, state, grade, even position. Email prospects & H.S. coaches. Want a game film on an athlete? Email his/her coach.
Strong DI & DI Validation
All JOOM and DI prospects must have written personal recommendation from his/her coach.
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We Recommend That This Page Be Printed And Used As A Reference Guide
Is Your Team Online?
Go back to Main Page and select View College Profiles. Follow the instructions from to see if your team already is entered into Allsport. If you find your program online, email us and we will delete the assigned password and email you a new one so you can accomplish updates.
What Goes In A Profile?
Begin by looking at other programs on Allsport to see what others are putting on the profiles. Remember, you can begin your profile today and update later.
Passwords are case-sensitive! (3-5 numbers recommended) You will need to select and save a password. Each time you update, you will need to enter this password for profile security. Each sport on Allsport creates and maintains their own profiles and passwords.
Email Address
Enter your personal or recruiters email address if you want prospects or coaches to email you for information. If you don't have one, check with your secretary as she/he usually has a comprehensive listing for your athletic dept.
Homepage Address
Your profile will have a space to enter a home page which prospects can auto-link to. Most schools use their athletic dept. but you can enter your main school page instead. Page addresses resemble this:
School Logo
Leave this blank and be sure to once your profile is online and we'll find and attach your mascot or logo. This space is for our use in allowing the database to attach your file logo specifically to your profile.
Build your teams profile on Allsport now and make it available to every high school athlete and coach in the USA & Canada.

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