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At Allsport, we don't worry too much about college endorsements. They only serve one purpose and that is to mislead you into believing a product or service is of more value than it is. In fact the NCAA does not even allow a college or coach to endorse any recruiting service.

If you want college endorsements, take a look at all the college teams that have built team profiles directly on Allsport. You will find DI, II, III, NAIA, JC, even international sports programs have built team profiles directly on Allsport. Our endorsements are the colleges and athletes using Allsport. Unlike every other recruiting service, Allsport must maintain a quality site because you, the student athlete, are not the only ones utilizing us. Always remember, you are not alone on Allsport; if you want to play division I football, NAIA soccer, or basketball in Canada, Allsport is the only place where colleges and student athletes build and update profiles together.

What Are Parents & Prospects Saying?

Dear Allsport,
We can't say enough for your service. Charlie has obtained alot of information on college recruiting that you just cannot find anywhere else. We count on your excellent service alot!!!! Some colleges have made him offers through your service, and we thank you. Many high school athletes come from small schools in small towns and they would not get noticed for recruitment if you weren't out there helping them with this service. Many are extremely talented athletes with terrific GPA's also.....your service does so much for the joom who do care and who want to make the most of their lives, but just need a little exposure and help. Your service has been a godsend. I'm sure other athletes have felt the same way that come from low income families, yet have excellent grades and abilities. We can't thank you enough for what you do. This was a brilliant idea, Bryan. This service is so wonderful.
Rosemary Semanchuk, Allsport Parent

Dear Director,
My son Joshua required your services last year. Last week he was accepted to Union College, N.Y., an elite scholastic and a division III football school. I would like to thank you for your help, without your service I don't think Josh would have been recruited to as many fine schools as he had. At the end of the process, he had his choice of 3 or 4 prestigious schools to persue his sport and his education. Thank you.
Lisa Dardashtian, Allsport Parent

Dear Bryan,
I want to thank you for your recruiting service. I was really impressed with the amount of exposure you gave me in such a little bit of time. My younger brother will be playing ball this year and will also be taking advantage of your service.
R. Delong, Allsport Athlete, Pa.


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