Prospect Cover Letter

This is the type of letter Allsport designs for you. If you like, print and Use This Letter As A Reference When Writing To College Coaches. This letter may be formatted to each coach individually or used as a form letter and copied for each coach in your personal mailing. Always be sure to include a copy of your Allsport Profile and mention the Allsport Home page address. This will bring coaches back to follow your progress thru the season.

Bryan Shumock
4535 Smith Drive
Bethlehem, Pa 18017
(610) 837-0744

Attn: Recruiting Coordinator
C/O Head Football Coach
University of Virginia
Athletic Dept.
Charlottesville, Va 00000

Dear Coach,

Would you please send me information regarding football at the University of Virginia. I'm very interested in going to college in your area and have heard great things about your program.

Enclosed is a copy of my Allsport Player Profile. As Team Captain, 3.0 GPA & 2nd Team All Conference, I feel that I have the leadership, academic & athletic ability to be an asset to the University of Virginia and your football team. If you need any more information, copy of a skills/game tape or current schedule, please feel free to call me at (610) 837-0744.

My coach, Joe Coach, knows of my interest in the University of Virginia and in addition to the enclosed letter of recommendation, said he would be happy to speak to your personally. His number at school is (610) 000-0000. Thank you very much for your time and I look forward to learning more about the academic, athletic and financial aid opportunities at the University of Virginia.


Bryan Shumock
Bethlehem High School

P.S.: You can view my updated profile on Allsport at

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