Create and build your own sports recruiting business as an Independent Allsport Representative. Print this page and review the Area Scout opportunities and the Allsport Letter of Agreement. Fill out the Letter of Agreement and return to us and you can be running your own business while earning income as an Independent Scout.

Area Scout
An Allsport Scout gets direct unlimited access to Allsport Registration. Allsport will issue you an original registration page which you will have access to for your business. The access will be a coded page which only you and Allsport Recruiting Coordinators will know. Please see the sample registration page which will be nearly identical to yours. Use your browser back key to return.

You are responsible to enter the student athletes you sign up directly into our database. Each individual student athlete that registers with you will pay you the current fee ($29.95). Since this is your access, you can charge whatever you like, create group programs, (see our group page (Use your browser key to return.) The best part of the program is that you keep all the revenue you generate!

The cost for becoming an Area Scout is only the cost of one profile currently $29.95, per month; pre-paid (The First Month is $50) Once we get your registration/LOA, we will immediately contact you with your personal registration page. We will also sign and send back a copy of your LOA with some additional helpful marketing material. Once your athletes are in the joom, Allsport will handle all updates, email, password & Level Changes, Coaches Comments, etc. Your job is to attract attention to our site, put your local interested student athletes into the database and serve as a local Independent Allsport Representative.

Payment methods will be via credit card. Allsport will charge your credit card the current profile rate once each month on or about the 26th of each month. You may discontinue this agreement by writing or calling Allsport directly at any time.

Your personalized page should be not be made available to others for online registration. If you need another page for a weekly, monthly or other term group programs, contact us directly for new pages to pass out to others.

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Allsport Independent Rep. Questions & Concerns

Why Is Allsport leasing, or giving away business?

With over 18,000 high schools all around the country, there is no way that we will be able to establish ourselves in all of them. While we have the internet marketing exactly where we want it, we need local scouts to help grow our business from within. Student athletes, coaches and parents will be more likely to register with a localsports recruiter than they will with us. By bringing others into our game planwe open up an incredible opportunity for you to create and expand a fun and profitable business while taking advantage of all our ground work and years of experience in college sports recruiting. When you become an Independent Allsport Rep., this site becomes your business link to your local community! When you generate students for the database, we generate traffic for the site, advertisers and sponsors will be more willing to attach themselves to Allsport.

How did you come up with the cost for being an independent Scout?

We feel the current rate is so low that you can begin to make a profit your first day in business. We need you to be able to make money so that you pump up our database with quality student athletes. The more kids that are getting on, the more kids that will get on. Since we are an open site, anyone can look at the numbers of colleges and students online. With over 10,000 visitors per month, many are watching our numbers grow and are waiting for the right time to register. With many Scouts around the country putting hundreds of kids online with Allsport monthly, traffic will grow, referrals will grow and ourrevenue will grow together.

What is your lock-in or committment to Allsport?

There is none! As long as you pay your monthly fee, you maintain your position. If we do not receive your monthly Scout fee, we will delete your personal access page and/or pull your printable registration page from our site. If you do not wish to continue, simply stop paying and well will deactivate your accesss. To reactivate, you will need to pre-pay your monthly fee again.

How many Area Scouts is Allsport looking for?

Area Scout positions are first-come first-serve! We will not have another Area Scout within 50 miles of your location. We are unlimited in the number of Area Scouts we can have at one time. We will extend a protected area to all scouts but the advantages to having more than one in each general location (outside of 50 miles)you can get together for seminars, group presentations, etc.

What are you allowed to say about your relationship with Allsport?

You can never pass yourself off as an employee of Allsport. You run your own business as an Independent Rep. and/or Scout reselling our service to others. The revenue you generate is yours; the price you charge may never be higher than our published online price; state, local and federal taxes are your responsibility; Allsport will issue you a 1099MISC. at the end of the tax year for all scout fees you paid us. (January - December)

Marketing Strategies

Group Sales.Sell access to teams, clubs, high schools, etc. You can give them an access page different from yours (email us and we will create one free). All athletes on team can add their own profiles or appoint an adult team captainto input the athletes. Group rates can be whatever you want. Since you are only paying Allsport the cost of one month's registration per month, your revenue can be virtually unlimited! We recommend charging $125 per team per month of access. Let them do all the work and you can concentrate on other group sales opportunities. Individual Sales.Create brochures and reg. forms and mail to student athletes in your area. Allsport will send you some of our brochures and reg. forms to view.We recommend charging $29.95 per student athlete with discounts for small groups registering together. ie: 3 friends, two brothers, etc can register for $20 each.

Allsport Independent Representative Letter of Agreement

This agreement is entered on ___________________________ between Allsport Recruiting Coordinators (for the terms of this agreement to be referred to as Allsport) and

Name:___________________________________________________referred to as "Scout".


State:___________Zip:________________ Phone:______________________________

Email Address:__________________________________________
When Would You Like To Begin? _____/____/_____ Date


1. Allsport is an internet sports recruiting site for high school athletes and college coaches.
2. The Scout is self employed and is responsible for all marketing and operations of his/her business. Allsport's responsibility toward the Scout and the Athletes the Scout enters is to maintain the site. Neither Allsport or the Scout are committed to doing updates on student profiles. Scout may, if he/she wishes, do updates for student athletes for a fee as agreed to by Scout and Student athlete.
3. The Scout is responsible for entering all their student athletes into the site's database. Allsport will maintain the database, handle student email questions, reissue password or other database functions for student athletes. When reg. forms are sent to Scout, he/she is solely and legally responsible to enter data into database. In essence, Scout has been hired by prospect to input data into Allsport. Failure to register student profiles by Scout makes Scout legally liable for all claims, complaints by said prospect.
4. Scout may resell access to groups, individuals or teams. Group rates are at the discretion of Scout; individual prices may never be higher than published online prices.
5. College database is the sole responsibility of Allsport.


1. Territories. Allsport Scouts will not live closer than 50 miles from other Allsport Scouts. Scouts are not limited to schools, teams etc that they may market and sell to. Failure to pay Scout fees by the 1st of each month causes Scout page to become inactive. Allsport may then register another scout in that same protected area
2. Compensation. All revenue generated by the Scout is retained by the Scout.
3. Scout Fees To Allsport. All Scout positions are $29.95 (or current profile fee) per month payable in advance by the 1st of each month. Failure to pay Scout Fee results in automatic disabling of all Scout pages. This includes all group pages that teams, clubs you have sold to are currently using.
4. Scout Fee Payments. The first payment must accompany this signed Letter of Agreement. Each month on or about the 25th of the month, Allsport will charge your credit card the price of one profile, currently $29.95. Any changes to this fee will be made in writing to scout. Scout may cancel this agreement at any time via phone, email or mail.

Page 2 of LOA

1. Scout is responsible for all licenses, charges, taxes associated with running a business.
2. Scout has the right to control all his/her work schedule.
3. The Agreement between the Scout and Allsport is on a month to month basis. Either the Scout or Allsport may terminate this agreement at any time. In the event the Scout terminates this agreement, either orally, written, or by not submitting monthly Scout fee, all registration pages, either online, or printable, will become inactive. Scout must coordinate with groups or teams that are currently using personal registration pages as part of a group plan.
4. Scout may not make claims to prospects of scholarships available, earned or relationships with college coaches, scouts or individual college teams. Scout may never claim student athletes will receive scholarships by using Allsport. Scout may never claim individual college endorsements by college coaches using Allsport.
5. Scout is responsible for all printed material. He/she has authority to make copies of Allsport online pages for use in group presentations. (overhead displays, etc.)
6. Allsport has made no claims or promises of income potential to Scout.
Allsport                                Scout

_______________________                 _________________________
Bryan Shumock
Amount enclosed: $50.00__________ one-time fee.   
Credit Card Info: 
Name on Card:_____________________________________
Expiration Date:_______/_______/_________
Visa or MasterCard? _________Card Number:___________________________
Signature & authorization to charge current Profile fee once a month.


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