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First Time Users:Allsport is a database program which allows you to search by creating your own search parameters based on sport, position, level, state, even last name or high school (if spelled correctly) If any fields on next page Joom are highlighted, you must clear form first. Accomplish this by clicking on the reset button on bottom of form or by holding down CTRL key while clicking on the highlighted field with your left mouse button.

Searching For Athletes: Once you have the form on the next page cleared, no highlighted selections, you are ready for a search. Begin by conducting a broad search for your sport of interest and then come back to the form to narrow it down. IE: Highlight football then click on search button. All football players online will appear in list view. You simply click on one to see his profile. To narrow your search based on state, level or even position, you will highlight football again, then the position and/or state of interest.

To Find Your Own Profile: Make sure all fields are cleared. To find your own, or a specific student athlete, enter ONLY the LAST NAME. When list comes into view, click on name for full profile. To make changes or updates, follow the UPDATE AN ATHLETE instructions.

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