Attention Coaches: We are changing servers and are in the process of moving all profiles over. If your team profile is online but you cannot update it, email us and we will assign you a joom. If your team profile has disappeared (several have), feel free to put in a new one today.
We Recommend Printing This Page as a Reference Guide
Password You will need your password for all updates. Remember they are case-sensitive. If you forgot your password, . We will delete your old one and assign a new one to you. Please be sure to tell us the sport, school and coach requesting.
School Name You must spell the school name exactly as it appears in our database. That includes all letters, spaces, punctuation, etc.
Update Form When you request your profile, remember the profile is out of the database as long as you are working on it. Be sure to re-submit and follow all links forward afterwards. Backing up thru your profile worksheet may inadvertantly pull it back out of the further.
Delete Your Profile Click Here To Delete your profile. Information required to delete is identical to info required to update. Be careful; deletions are permanent!

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